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LoopTools is a package for evaluation of scalar and tensor one-loop integrals based on the FF package by G.J. van Oldenborgh. It features an easy Fortran, C++, and Mathematica interface to the scalar one-loop functions of FF and in addition provides the 2-, 3-, and 4-point tensor coefficient functions.

LoopTools has been published in Comput. Phys. Commun. 118 (1999) 153 [hep-ph/9807565].
FF has been published in Z. Phys. C46 (1990) 425 [scanned version from KEK].

The installation script gets you started quickly and easily.

The following files can be downloaded:

To compile the libraries you need f77 and gcc.
From Mathematica 7 on you must also have g++ (and libstdc++) installed for the MathLink compile.

Installation notes for the impatient:

More detailed instructions are given in the manual contained in the LoopTools distribution.
You can obtain the manual of the current version here.

Ready-made MathLink executables (Version 2.15, statically linked as far as possible):

Linux x86_64:

macOS x86_64:

macOS ARM64:

Cygwin/Windows x86_64:

Instructions: download and gunzip the executable, then make it executable with "chmod 755 file".

Thanks for looking in.

Please send bug reports, suggestions, fan mail, etc. to Thomas Hahn,

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This site and the programs offered here are not commercial. LoopTools is and will stay an open-source package and free of charge. If you want to use LoopTools in a commercial application, make sure you understand the GNU Lesser General Public License under which LoopTools is distributed. LoopTools is being developed at the Max Planck Institute for Physics in Munich.

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